Day 10 – 28th February 2016

For the first time this winter the wind is blowing from the east. Is it too much to hope that it will bring some snow so I can get some ‘Snowy Bredon Hill’ photographs this year? I’m not holding my breath.

The sky was partly cloudy with a fine sunset at the end of my hike. I walked all afternoon starting in Conderton after chatting for a while with Toff Milway at his pottery in Conderton. I photographed Toff at work in his pottery several years ago – linked here.

Pine Walk
Renewed Cotswold Stone Wall
Wood Grain
Last Light

Missed Sunset

Shortly before sunset this evening I looked out from home just a few miles from Bredon Hill only to see that I was missing a glorious sunset illuminating the underside of the mackerel clouds with soft magenta light. If only I’d been on Bredon Hill with my camera I thought to myself with a real sense of disappointment. I’d missed a great chance for some fine shots. But the only way to catch all of the very best light for photography is spend every hour between early dawn and the end of dusk up on the hill. My few hours every few days doesn’t come near. But that really is the challenge and fascination of photography for me … to make the best of what is available in front of me through my camera lens. And to not regret failing to capture what wasn’t available to me! The real disappointment comes when, despite being there and being inspired by the scene or subject before me, I then find when working with what I’ve captured back at home that nothing works in the way I’d visualised it. It happens.

Day 8 – 16th February 2016

I started in Elmley Castle well before dawn after the coldest night of the winter, so far, and spent the next 5 hours around the north slope of Bredon Hill. Apart from the very light high clouds (in the first photo below) there were no more to be seen until the afternoon – after I’d finished. It was the quietest day so far – I didn’t see anyone else out walking until late morning. It turned out to be photographically rather productive so this post has another high number of photographs. And again, the heavy frost made hiking far easier, at least until late morning by which time the sun had turned the frozen ground back to sticky mud.

Before Dawn
Reflecting St Mary’s, Elmley Castle
One Way Up
Frozen Leaf
St Michael’s Churchyard – Great Comberton
Fleece Fence
Heading Up

Day 7 – 11th February 2016

During my short walk in the afternoon on the eastern side of the hill I took many photographs, however I am pleased with just two. One taken early and one close to sunset. The flooding of the River Avon and the distant River Severn is made clear by the low reflected sun.

Note added on 16th February: I submitted the Avon & Severn Floods photograph to The Cloud Appreciation Society where yesterday and today it is their “Picture of the Day”.  The CAS Photo Gallery is linked here.

Avon & Severn Floods
Shadowed Track