Missed Sunset

Shortly before sunset this evening I looked out from home just a few miles from Bredon Hill only to see that I was missing a glorious sunset illuminating the underside of the mackerel clouds with soft magenta light. If only I’d been on Bredon Hill with my camera I thought to myself with a real sense of disappointment. I’d missed a great chance for some fine shots. But the only way to catch all of the very best light for photography is spend every hour between early dawn and the end of dusk up on the hill. My few hours every few days doesn’t come near. But that really is the challenge and fascination of photography for me … to make the best of what is available in front of me through my camera lens. And to not regret failing to capture what wasn’t available to me! The real disappointment comes when, despite being there and being inspired by the scene or subject before me, I then find when working with what I’ve captured back at home that nothing works in the way I’d visualised it. It happens.


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