Day 12 – 10th March 2016

Another grey day, this time following a spell of very heavy rain. During my short walk this afternoon, besides finding one or two things to photograph, I was captivated for a full 15 minutes watching a Barn Owl quartering the ground seeking prey. It seemed unperturbed by my presence as I stood stock still in full view in the middle of a path. It occasionally perched for a minute or two, but whilst I was watching it only stooped a couple of times and appeared not to catch anything. Quite remarkably, as I started to walk, I came across a couple who had been dozing in the long grass by the side of the path. The owl had flown directly over them two or three times apparently deciding they were harmless. They awoke as I approached to tell me they’d seen nothing! But the owl then put in a couple more appearances – for good measure.

Renovation – Work in Progress
Stone Wall Detail
Oak Roots and Stream – [First photographed on Day 2 but this time with more flowing water making for a more satisfactory image.]
Reflected Oak

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