Day 15 – 25th March 2016

I arrived mid-afternoon to park above Westmancote only to find the usually quiet lane end jammed with cars. I hadn’t known about the Good Friday service held annually on Bredon Hill until one of the many  people streaming down from the hill told me about it. People were leaving as I arrived so I did manage to park. For over 2 hours I felt very overdressed and hot in the lovely warm spring weather, until about 5:45pm on top on the hill when a very chill breeze blew up. The afternoon sun and occasional light clouds held out the prospect of a fine sunset, but alas, it was not memorable. For a minute or two around 6pm a very bright and colourful sundog appeared to the right of the sun, good to see but a photograph it does not make.

Two Thirds = Two Divided By Three
Once a Railway Sleeper – Now a Fence Post
Bredon Hill NNR – Ant Hills
Field Oak
Reflected in my Car Roof

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