Day 20 – 19th April 2016

My dawn hike two days ago was in unbroken blue sky as was today’s albeit this one was from late afternoon through to dusk. Much the same challenges arise for photography. The very low angle of sunlight can certainly make for interesting and attractive lighting of landscapes. It exaggerates shadows (intensity and length) and can highlight textures to great effect. This shows up to some degree in the very wide panorama below where the contours on the Bredon Hill NNR and its huge number of ant hills are more clearly visible. The panorama is made from seamlessly stitching together six separate images and shows a field of view of about 120˚. This image really needs to be viewed at enormous size to see all of its detail. Small web images don’t do justice to this type of detailed photograph – or that’s my excuse.

Over Bredon Hill NNR and its Ant Hills – to The Malverns
Aaahh … #1
Aaahh … #2
Path Down to Great Comberton
Parson’s Folly
Old and Wrinkled

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