Day 31 – 30th June 2016

If I want photographs of sunrises on Bredon Hill in mid summer then I have to get up there early. Sunrise this morning was 4:51am – but it was worth it. I was back home by 8:30am.

The last two of today’s photographs represent the dilemma I often face in choosing whether I prefer my colour or my monochrome version. But I get over the dilemma by liking and showing both.

Three Tree Sunrise
Seventeen Sheep Sunrise
Ashton Wood Walk – #1
Ashton Wood Walk – #2

Day 30 – 27th June 2016

My second evening walk in a week had similar cloud cover to the first – that thinned around sunset to make a few well placed breaks. The first two sunset images were taken just 7 minutes apart demonstrating just how rapidly light and cloud can change, particularly around sunset (and sunrise). The first encompasses a much wider field of view than the second, around 120˚ compared with about 75˚. The third was taken 15 minutes after sunset showing  very different lighting from the second which was taken 32 minutes earlier.

20160627-SJG6225-1 Panorama
Sunset #1
Sunset #2
Sunset #3
West Window – St John the Baptist Church – Beckford
Barley Tracks #1
Barley Track #2

Day 29 – 20th June 2016

The summer solstice and a full moon – on the same day! The coincidence of these two astronomical events is far from common. This is the last one I’ll ever see … the next occurs in the year 2062, 46 years hence. I’d been hoping that the evening would be clear enough for me to capture the moonrise. In the event there was plenty of cloud around obscuring the actual moonrise at 9:12pm. But 50 minutes later, well into dusk, the cloud had thinned sufficiently allowing me to take a few shots. The full moon in June is known by a number of names around the world including Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon, Flower Moon, Horses Moon, Dyad Moon, Planting Moon.

The Strawberry Moon on The Summer Solstice. There’s a Barn Owl in the picture too!

Day 28 – 16th June 2016

As I came off the hill about 10am the first of just a few rays of sun penetrated the dank misty cloud. Bredon Hill had its head in the clouds throughout today’s hike providing a photographer’s delight of soft misty light. I chose my time well today as the cloud lifted soon after I finished.

Misty Beeches #1
What A Web!
Let The Light In
Ferns Amidst Horsetails
Misty Beeches #2
Woodchips and Nettles

Day 27 – 8th June 2016

Hot and hazy characterised today’s short walk during the heat of the day. The Malvern Hills were out of sight in the haze and the air was alive with bugs. Since I was last on Bredon Hill almost a month ago the changes most obvious are the greening of everything and the tree canopies are now dense rather than sparse as they were in early May … and no mud.

Welcome Shade
May Tree or Hawthorn
It once secured a gate …
and finally … Aaahh #3

After 3+ weeks away …

… I’m now back. We’ve been on a three week photography road trip to Wyoming (Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park) and Washington State (Seattle and the Cascade Mountains).

No – Bredon Hill hasn’t suddenly gained a huge waterfall and canyon. It’s the Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River in Wyoming.
Nor has Bredon Hill gained snowy peaks and Grizzly Bears. Mother Grizzly and Her Two Cubs – Grand Teton Mountains – Wyoming.