Hill-hill Hill

I’ve just been reminded of something I read 3 or 4 years ago in Mark Forsyth’s “Etymologicon” – indicating the likely etymology of Bredon. Celtic for hill is ‘bre’, Old English for hill is ‘don’ (or down) and hill is Modern English … so Bredon Hill is really Hill-hill Hill. So good the named it thrice.


Day 47 – 29th October 2016

Throughout my long morning hike Bredon Hill was “head in the clouds” with a constant but very light misty drizzle (mizzle?). Contrary to what many believe – that you can only do photography in the sun – these conditions are perfect for finding a refreshing perspective on the familiar.

I think that (without checking back) today is the first on which I’ve posted a Bredon Hill photograph with people in it – except for the bonfire on 21st April (Day 21) when there were over 100!

The magnificent autumn colours are at their best at present, but I find it interesting that Bredon Hill is much less of a spectacle than the surrounding villages and countryside. It’s probably because the trees planted in gardens and villages are selected at least in part for their autumn colour. Our native trees are mostly less demonstrative, and these are what predominate on the hill. But the beeches do stand out.






Day 46 – 21st October 2016

The skies over Bredon Hill were a pleasure to behold throughout the afternoon. The early autumn conditions were perfect for walking – as the many people out enjoying the afternoon seemed to agree. I saw far more people walking on Bredon Hill than I’ve seen before – except for the bonfire celebration on the Queen’s 90th birthday. But that may be because I’m more often out with my camera around dawn or dusk.

Sundial Barn


Day 45 – 14th October 2016

Last time I was on Bredon Hill the first autumn foliage had started to appear, but just over three weeks later I’m surprised to find little further progress. This morning’s walk around Ashton Woods didn’t offer any panoramas or vistas so these few images are from nearer to my camera.

Rosebay Willowherb
By Ashton Woods
Ash Bough
Woodland Way – #1
Woodland Way – #2
Evidence of Forestry Work

After 2+ weeks away …

… I’m now back – from an excellent holiday break in Lisbon and Madeira. Lisbon is very hilly, and Madeira is a steep-sided extinct volcano – so hiking on Bredon Hill has been good preparation for our holiday hikes.

No, Bredon Hill hasn’t been inundated by rising sea levels.
Nor has it acquired Levadas – the rainwater distribution and irrigation system on Madeira.