Final Blog Post

I’ve decided that all blog posts that I make in future will be on just one single blog rather than on any one of the several different blogs that I’ve used over the last few years. Accordingly there will be no further entries on this blog. My new, and only, blog location from now will be on my website where there’s a link on the menu bar at the top of every page to my VirtuallyGreyPhotoBlog. All of my other blogs will remain accessible (until either Google of WordPress decide otherwise).


The Book and The PDF

My hardcover book of “On Bredon Hill- 2016” is now complete and I’ve just taken delivery of the one and only copy. I’m delighted with the quality of the printing, as I have been with all of the books I’ve made using Blurb. Blurb is one of several companies who offer the tools for me to design every detail of my book and then have them print any number of copies, even just one as I’ve done. A commercial print run could easily be several hundred to several thousand copies in order to obtain anything like a sensible unit price. This is not something that is of interest to me. I just want a record in book form of my photography project. However, for single copies or very small print runs there’s  a very high price to pay. A single copy of “On Bredon Hill ~ 2016” costs £119.99 + VAT + shipping when ordered from Blurb – the only way to purchase it. As its creator the price I pay is slightly less than this. The price here includes a very small margin for me!


If you’re tempted to buy my book, even at this very high unit price, you can do so directly from Blurb by following this link: where you can see a preview of a few of the pages.

It usually takes about 1 week for the copy to be printed and delivered.

An alternative to the hardback is a PDF version which is available to download via the same link for far less money: £9.99 + VAT.

The 96 page 13″x11″ hardback book is printed on a high quality semigloss paper and contains 225 photographs taken throughout the year. The photographs are presented chronologically with from two to six from any one day. None of the photographs is captioned, except to show its date.