1: Project Background and Access

I’m Steve Gledhill, a photographer living near Evesham in the UK. Throughout 2016 I will be hiking on nearby Bredon Hill with my camera with the aim of building a new portfolio. I’ll post a selection of my photographs in this blog – hopefully from every one of my hikes – accompanied by a few words reflecting on the day. My aim is to visit more or less weekly between 1st January and 31st December, and at varying times of the day between before sunrise and after sunset. For the purpose of this project I’ve defined Bredon Hill as that which lies within the encircling road.

A significant proportion my photographs are likely to be in black and white though nowadays I am producing an increasing proportion of my work in colour.

For much of my time on Bredon Hill I will confine myself to the very many public and concessionary paths that criss-cross the hill. If you do see me off any of the paths, please be aware that if I’m doing this on Overbury Estates land (the landowner of the greater part of Bredon Hill) then it is with their full permission. Unless or until I obtain permission to stray from the public paths on land owned by others I will be keeping to the paths.

Steve Gledhill

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