Day 40 – 24th August 2016

I’m aiming to complete 52 hikes on Bredon Hill throughout 2016, one per week on average. This is my 40th hike so I’m now over 3/4 of the way to meeting my objective but not quite 2/3 of the way through the year. So I’m well ahead of schedule, which I need to be as I’ll be taking some more time away before the end of the year. This morning’s 7.5 miles covered a loop starting and finishing in Overbury. The harvest is all but complete – Bredon Hill now is looking scalped.

Job Done …




Day 39 – 18th August 2016

The evening sky was mostly overcast until about 6:30 when the sun appeared and lit up the clouds for a while. Well before sunset it dipped behind the cloud bank on the north west horizon with hardly a hint of a colourful sunset. It was another full moon, however I left before it made it’s appearance. The full moon rises at the same time as the sun sets (8:25pm) but cloud in the east hid that event too. Notwithstanding that, the sky provided the most interesting subject matter.



Lonely Thistle
Beech Plantation

Clouds for the Perseids

Thwarted again by the weather. Last time it was the lack of snow. This time I’d hoped to be able to photograph the Perseid meteor shower from on Bredon Hill. Peak time meteor time was during the early hours of Friday morning – when it was cloudy. And the same again for early the hours of Saturday morning. I decided not to venture out based on cloud cover forecasts during each preceding evening so I can’t be certain that there weren’t any large enough breaks. Oh well.

Day 36 – 31st July 2016

I had a specific objective for today’s morning hike – to complete the last remaining short sections of accessible public footpath that I have so far not covered. There were several on the north east, west and south of Bredon Hill that I’ve now ‘ticked off’. That leaves three other short paths that are not currently accessible due to their being covered by crops; and one section to which access is totally blocked.

It transpires that for each of my images today I prefer the monochrome treatment.

Barley and Burdock
Ears of Barley
Roadside Stream

Day 35 – 27th July 2016

More of a stroll today than a hike, albeit for about 4 hours starting around 2:30pm. I spent much of the time photographing ‘things’ or small scenes and micro-landscapes that I found rather than panoramas and vistas. I photographed several promising crop fields with tractor tracks – but only one seemed to work this time. And I spent ages trying to compose a satisfying thistle picture.

Thistle Head
Here comes that photographer … again
Ashton Wood Pines
Trunk Smiley
Light Streak


Almost Ready to Harvest