Day 1 – 1st January 2016

Day 1 of my “On Bredon Hill – 2016” photography project started at 9am in overcast weather on a chilly morning in Ashton under Hill. Five hours later I’d completed my first outing around part of the eastern end of Bredon Hill. I’ve been harbouring doubts about whether this project would provide me with sufficient material to last for a whole year. Whilst hiking through the many stretches of slippery mud I realised that there is so much to photograph that a year may not be sufficient!  I’ve walked on Bredon Hill occasionally over the last 29 years since we moved to the area. After completing my last photography project – Photohiking The Thames Path – Both Ways – I needed another more local project to cut down on the amount of driving. Today I found several images that overcome my concerns about the project. The overcast weather suggested black and white rather than colour.

Split Tree
Zigzag Trunk
Beech Roots
Ashton Wood
St Barbara’s Church – Ashton under Hill

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