Day 5 – 28th January 2016

Another pre-sunrise start on a frosty morning, though not up to the cold of the one last week. Sunny throughout though there were a few high clouds around for the rising sun to illuminate. As with most of my hikes so far I covered about 5 miles, this time on the south west side of the hill. I found that the photographs today mostly worked best for me in monochrome.

Tree and Wall
A few minutes after sunrise; 90 minutes before moonset
Dark Cloud Mirroring The Malverns
Parsons Folly a.k.a. Banbury Stone Tower

Day 4 – 20th January 2016

The non-appearance of the forecast snow at the weekend was a big disappointment – it passed by just a few miles to the east. Was that the last chance of snow for the duration of this project I wonder? But last night’s hard frost was very welcome. Whilst the area all around spent most of the day steeped in freezing fog, Bredon Hill stood above the fog basking in glorious winter sun. On ground open to the sun the frost, which made for far easier walking, lasted for a couple of hours after sunrise and afforded some excellent photographic possibilities.

Tree – Deceased
Mostly Rooks
No Rooks – or Jackdaws
Frosted Grass
Pool at Elmley Castle
Frozen Microrill

Day 3 – 16th January 2016

Ideally I’d like to visit Bredon Hill every week. But, other commitments will prevent that regularity; though I’ll endeavour to keep my average to weekly. The overnight frost persisted throughout the day in sheltered spots out of the sun. But the sun did succeed in melting most of the mud to make once again for a very slippery hike.

There’s the prospect of snow overnight tonight. If there is some I’ll try to return in the morning – there aren’t likely to be many opportunities to photograph in the snow.

The Setting Sun
Hurdles and Repaired Wall
Cutting Across

Day 1 – 1st January 2016

Day 1 of my “On Bredon Hill – 2016” photography project started at 9am in overcast weather on a chilly morning in Ashton under Hill. Five hours later I’d completed my first outing around part of the eastern end of Bredon Hill. I’ve been harbouring doubts about whether this project would provide me with sufficient material to last for a whole year. Whilst hiking through the many stretches of slippery mud I realised that there is so much to photograph that a year may not be sufficient!  I’ve walked on Bredon Hill occasionally over the last 29 years since we moved to the area. After completing my last photography project – Photohiking The Thames Path – Both Ways – I needed another more local project to cut down on the amount of driving. Today I found several images that overcome my concerns about the project. The overcast weather suggested black and white rather than colour.

Split Tree
Zigzag Trunk
Beech Roots
Ashton Wood
St Barbara’s Church – Ashton under Hill