Photographing Bredon Hill’s Villages

The villages surrounding Bredon Hill are amongst the most attractive and picturesque in the land. And for many photographers they would be superb places to photograph. I’m tempted at times, but I almost always resist. The beautiful stone cottages, thatched roofs and immaculate gardens would make a photography project in its own right. But for me, primarily a landscape photographer, photographing people’s private homes and gardens and then publishing them on the web without permission from the owners is something that leaves me feeling a little uncomfortable. It isn’t unlawful; in almost all instances photography from public highways, footpaths and bridleways, is not restricted in any way. Of course, I have no qualms at all about photographing public buildings, churches or pubs for instance. I’ve been asked about photographing in the villages on a few occasions whilst hiking on Bredon Hill and a further question today has prompted me to assemble my thoughts.


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